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Member Ministries

Women’s Spiritual Sharing Group

The Women’s Spiritual Sharing Group is a small group of (mostly retired) women who meet on the second Saturday morning of every month for spiritual sharing, prayer, discussion, lunch and friendship. The group has been meeting since 1999, and new members are always welcome.  The Women’s Spiritual Sharing Group has been particularly instrumental in helping us re-discover the meaning of St. Mary for today.

Connections with Other Congregations and Religious Communities

We have connections both formal and informal with a variety of neighboring faith communities. We are part of the Schuylkill Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. The deanery has meetings of lay representatives and of the Deanery Clericus on a regular basis. The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral is a neighbor only three blocks away.

Our rector also participates in two active religious groupings on the Penn campus. The venerable “Christian Association” represents the mainstream protestant churches at Penn and offers programming and other ministries to students and the wider campus community, including some of the students who are members at St. Mary’s. The newer Penn Religious Communities Council is convened by the Chaplain’s Office at Penn and
has regular meetings of clergy.  Out of these formal connections grow some regular and some more sporadic joint efforts.  For instance, we often share Maundy Thursday activities with University Lutheran (the Lutheran church on campus), and sometimes others. The Cathedral has hosted performances from our New Music program as well as special Marian services led by our Women’s Spiritual Sharing Group.