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Education for All


Education for All

Pentecost Coloring Page: Get Ready for Pentecost

Illustrated Ministry: Free registration to receive family-friendly resources via email every Friday

We Gather at this Table : A family-friendly resource written to provide a tool for
families to explore what sharing the bread and wine means for them and how
it inspires their lives.

Look Aside: A self-directed study of Acts for adults


Grow Christians blog, a resource to support parents and practicing faith in the home

BuildFaith.org, resources for families from the Virginia Theological Seminary

Signs of Life: Why Church Matters, a Lenten resource

Exploring the BCP: Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer

Praying the Daily Office


Forward Day by Day

The Good Shepherd & the Child

Pray-As-You-Go (10-14 minutes)

The Daily Examen Podcast (15-20 minutes)

The Deconstructionists: biblical inquiry and faith issues (approx. 1+ hour)

The Liturgists: progressive Christians exploring the intersection of faith, science, and art. (approx. 1+ hour)

On Being: wide-ranging discussions touching on faith, ethics, art, and science. (episodes approx 55 min.)

Two Feminists Annotate the Bible (30 min- 1+ hour)

Prayer Apps:
Reimagining the Examen 

Devotionals 365