3916 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104 Sunday at 10:00am

Tuesday Low Mass with Healing Prayers

We celebrate a Rite I low mass with healing prayers every Tuesday from 12:15-12:45PM during the University of Pennsylvania semester. This mass takes place in the St Philip’s Chapel, a side chapel in the main sanctuary to the left of the high altar. During the season of Easter, this mass is celebrated at the high altar, and the congregation is seated in the choir stalls.

This is a simple, brief mass with limited lections and a brief homily delivered from the pavement, with laying on of hands and anointing following the Prayers of the People. Simply come forward one at a time to the altar rail, kneel or stand as you prefer, and let the priest know what you would like prayers for this day. The priest and a lay intercessor will lay her or his hands on your head or shoulder, pray for your concerns, and then anoint you with blessed oil. If you would prefer that you not be touched or anointed, just let the celebrant know your preferences.

This is a holy little service in the midst of the busy-ness of weekday life on campus, and is open to all.