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Sunday School and Nursery

Sunday School and Nursery at St. Mary’s

From Labor Day through Pentecost, St. Mary’s offers a Soft Space in the back of our sanctuary for small children and hosts Pray and Play on the third Sunday of each month at 10 AM.  Children from infancy to 12 years old are welcome!

Sunday School and Nursery Volunteers

Sara Macro Forrest has been a parishioner at St. Mary’s Hamilton Village for 15 years and a Sunday school teacher for over ten years.  She is the mother of two teenage daughters, an alumnus of St Mary’s Nursery School, and a godmother of two. She works at Bryn Mawr College, and in her spare time enjoys gardening, jogging, and crocheting. Spending time with the children and youth of St Mary’s and watching their spiritual growth has been a blessing in her life.

Vanessa Albert Lowry has been a member at St. Mary’s since 1985 when she was at Law School at Penn.  She began teaching Sunday school when her elder son was five or six.  (He is now 18.) Her younger son is 14 and recently confirmed. She is excited to begin serving the next cohort of young children and their families as a caregiver and teacher by providing a safe and welcoming place for children and a place where each has the opportunity to begin to engage, at their own pace, with the stories, music, and ideas that shape our faith.