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Mission Partners & Activities

Neighborhood Bike Works


The Neighborhood Bike Works have moved to their new location at 39th St. & Lancaster Ave.  We will miss them and wish them the best of luck at their new space! 

Neighborhood Bike Works is a nonprofit educational organization in Philadelphia that seeks to increase opportunities for urban youth in underserved neighborhoods in greater Philadelphia by offering educational, recreational, and career-building opportunities through bicycling; it also promotes cycling as a healthy, affordable, environment-friendly form of transportation.

Nursery School

Now online at: www.stmarysnursery.org!

St. Mary’s Nursery School has been serving children from all over the world for nearly thirty-five years. Their mission is for each child to leave the school with a good self image, an understanding of basic concepts, the ability to communicate with others through language, and the development of creative abilities through experience. St. Mary’s Nursery School believes that first five years of life are the foundation years which will be the basis for their effective development through their lives. St. Mary’s Nursery School has an open classroom in which children ages 18 months to five years play and learn together. Their multicultural classroom gives children the opportunity to explore their environment and choose activities that are right for them. The unique set up of the classroom allows ease of mainstreaming children with special needs. As a cooperative, parent/guardian involvement is an integral part of the school.

For additional information contact Andrea Mosko, Administrative Director, at (215) 386-0321 or by email at school.isfun@verizon.net.

University City Hospitality Coalition


University City Hospitality Coalition provides meals to hungry and homeless people in University City six days a week at local churches and the Hillel Foundation at Penn.  St. Mary’s founded UCHC in the 1980s after a homeless man froze to death on Locust Walk, and we now serve as the program’s food storage center as well as providing a hot meal on Thursday evening and a bag lunch on Saturday and on summer Sundays when Hillel is closed.  In addition to providing meals, UCHC offers medical, dental, legal and social  services to those in need, in partnership with Penn’s professional schools.  The long-term meals coordinator for UCHC is a member of St. Mary’s. Volunteers prepare a hot meal for the benefit of University City’s homeless community.

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