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Education for All


Education for All

Holy Week Resources

Intro to Holy Week

Holy Week Activities for Families

Holy Week Resources for Family Worship

Virtual Stations of the Cross

Holy Week at Home


Grow Christians blog, a resource to support parents and practicing faith in the home

BuildFaith.org, resources for families from the Virginia Theological Seminary

Signs of Life: Why Church Matters, a Lenten resource

Exploring the BCP: Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer

Praying the Daily Office


Forward Day by Day

The Good Shepherd & the Child

Pray-As-You-Go (10-14 minutes)

The Daily Examen Podcast (15-20 minutes)

The Deconstructionists: biblical inquiry and faith issues (approx. 1+ hour)

The Liturgists: progressive Christians exploring the intersection of faith, science, and art. (approx. 1+ hour)

On Being: wide-ranging discussions touching on faith, ethics, art, and science. (episodes approx 55 min.)

Two Feminists Annotate the Bible (30 min- 1+ hour)

Prayer Apps:
Reimagining the Examen 

Devotionals 365