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Education for All

Education for All


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Grow Christians blog, a resource to support parents and practicing faith in the home

Signs of Life: Why Church Matters


The season after Christmas, Epiphany is a season of exploration, light, and wondering about what is being revealed about God incarnate. We explore who God-with-us is. We wonder what following God looks like. “Drawing God” by Karen Keifer and Kathy De Wit engages these questions in an accessible way for all ages.
Inspired by the art of Picasso, Emma, the main character, wants to draw something spectacular. She decides to draw God. Her friends react to her drawings in ways unexpected. What does God look like? Would they draw God the same way? What would you draw?
Finding a copy. This book is newly in print, so it should be easily ordered through your favorite bookstore and found at many public libraries.


Exploring the BCP: Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer

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