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Education for All


Education for All

The Hive Spiritual Triathlon
We are in unprecedented times.
Our communities, country, and planet are threatened by racism, COVID-19, and the resulting trauma that lives in our bodies.  At The Hive, we are consistently looking for ways to address these issues with wellness, spirituality, and community. Our first ever SpiTri will help us tap into the deep collective well of contemplation and action to help bring metaphysical healing to our world. A donation of $40 will go towards raising funds for Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 relief efforts, and The Hive for the creation of a scholarship fund for future classes and retreats.  Participants are encouraged to participate virtually, completing the different events in their home/neighborhood area.

“Let the Children March” by Monica Clark-Robinson and Frank Morrison tells the story Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963. The reader and listener are guided through how the children’s faith had inspired their civic action which in turn inspired other protests and the end to segregation in Birmingham. Both the front and back of the book provide additional historical details to deepen conversations and knowledge of this part of our history. The beautiful book is an example of the intersection of how faith inspires civic action.
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Catechism Videos from Mother Kara Slade, Ph.D., professor at Princeton Seminary

Grow Christians blog, a resource to support parents and practicing faith in the home

BuildFaith.org, resources for families from the Virginia Theological Seminary

Exploring the BCP: Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer

Praying the Daily Office


Forward Day by Day

The Good Shepherd & the Child

Pray-As-You-Go (10-14 minutes)

The Daily Examen Podcast (15-20 minutes)

The Deconstructionists: biblical inquiry and faith issues (approx. 1+ hour)

The Liturgists: progressive Christians exploring the intersection of faith, science, and art. (approx. 1+ hour)

On Being: wide-ranging discussions touching on faith, ethics, art, and science. (episodes approx 55 min.)

Two Feminists Annotate the Bible (30 min- 1+ hour)

Prayer Apps:
Reimagining the Examen 

Devotionals 365